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Join our Meetup group for monthly events, some of which are always FREE to the public.  We have group discussions around a variety of topics, social events, and paid classes to help you get through life’s challenges.
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10 Practices to Start TODAY to Feel Better by This Time Next Week
Sometimes we all feel stuck in a rut. Eventually, that rut can leave us feeling mired down in all sorts of negativity that makes it hard to think straight, let alone take action to get ourselves moving again in the right direction. This little book was written to give you a dose of motivation and a step-by-step guide to a handful of EASY actions you can start doing NOW that are proven ways to help you get your mojo back and to move forward in your life.

13 Ways to Practice Forgiveness and Free Yourself from the Past
This book is meant to be a pragmatic guide for anyone who is interested in personal growth and healing through practicing forgiveness. It addresses the deeply human experiences of shame, blame, guilt, anger, and grief, and how our internalization of our own dark sides can keep us from fully experiencing light, joy, and love in our lives. It was written to help people feel more prepared to confront themselves with kindness and appreciation for the human-ness of the need for forgiveness in our lives. The practices can be used both for self-forgiveness and for learning to forgive others so that we can stop holding back love and joy.

Finding Your Way Through Grief: A Workbook for Empowered Recovery from Loss
This workbook is part of an ongoing class Complete Life Coaching hosts for people who are grieving – lost loved ones, marriages, careers, a version of themselves lost to illness or injury. Human beings have a lot to lose. This book is a guide to help you cope, find your strength and courage, and allow yourself to heal and re-grow through the pain of loss. We cover the stages of grief, getting your needs met during periods of grief, tools to help you express your feelings, and techniques to help you recover and focus on building a new life after loss. This workbook is a proactive tool for individuals, and it’s also useful for life coaches or counselors who help and support others through grief & loss.

Articles and Inspiration
Maximize Your Downtime:  Sleep, Rest, Recovery – Part 1 (SLEEP)  (written article)
Maximize Your Downtime:  SLEEP (audio file article)

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Year in Review – Use this worksheet to help you process your year’s successes and lessons.  It’s a great accountability and goal-reminder tool, too!

Eiffel Tower, ParisGuided Meditation Practices

Consciousness Integration:  Foundational Neural Integration Meditation Technique with many thanks to the writing and research of Dr. Dan Siegel, MD
~5 minute Consciousness Integration

~10 minute Consciousness Integration

~20 minute Guided Meditation for Increasing Awareness
What is Meditation? ~ using info from OSHO

~20 minute Guided Meditation for Healing Self & Others
From November 2017 Meditation Group

Visualization Tools
What is Visualization?Pinwheels brings smiles

Basic Creative Visualization Practice 1


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