Young Adults (18-25)

family6College?  Learn a trade?  Spend as much time traveling as possible, then college? Or maybe just go to work?  My parents want me to go to med school but I can’t stand the sight of, well, anything gross.  I feel so confused.  I have no idea what to do!

If anything like this stuff has been tumbling around in your head, coaching can help you.

Maybe you’ve made some BIG decisions:  College?  YES. Work with my hands?  YES.  But are now wondering how to do what you need to do (keep the grades up, get a job or an apprenticeship), but are struggling with relationships and having a social life.

Coaching can help you, too.

Or maybe you GRADUATED!!! Awesome!  Congratulations!  We know you’ve worked hard. But now you have debt or you’re seeing that what you thought you knew doesn’t really apply to what jobs you’re finding available…  Now what do you do?

This is exactly why we’re here to help.  Coaching can help you get clear about who you are, what you want, and how to get it.  Applying all your knowledge “in the real world” can be tricksy.  But you’re smart and we can help you get past fear and confusion.  Life is hard.  Coaching makes it easier.

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Empathy CircuitsWe’ll introduce you to some brain science about why the 20s are both the best of times and the worst of times.  Some days it’s just HARD.  We’ll talk about how you can stay connected with your support systems, keep communication going in the right direction for growth, and help you deal with the inevitable conflicts that happen during these years.  Knowledge is power!  Understanding why you feel like taking (or take or have taken) HUGE risks (maybe against the well-meaning advice of someone you trust) can help calm your mind and yourself, and help everyone THRIVE during the changes of the challenging 20s.

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