One on One Coaching

The path is the goal.Coaching starts exactly where you are, and takes you wherever you really want to go.

Integrative Transformational Coaching identifies where you are with 360°Whole™ clarity and works with you to strengthen and hone your best self by helping you consciously “rewire” your patterns and behaviors using tools and techniques from positive psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology.  Your brain is AWESOME!

We can help you get unstuck.  You can see past your past and step confidently into a future of your own design.

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Some of the many issues addressed through Integrative Transformational Coaching include:

Life Transitions and Big Decisions
Academic Underachievement
Wellness, Health, & Weight Loss
Family Conflict
Sexual Abuse
ADD & ADHD (Adults and Adolescents)
Coping Skills
Domestic Abuse
Grief & Loss
Self Esteem
Recovering from Trauma and PTSD
Empowered Recovery:  Emotional Abuse, Addictions, Religious Trauma/Fundamentalism Divorce
Nonviolent Communication
Creativity and Creative Problem Solving
Relationships, Dating, & Marriage Success
Burnout & Over-Caring
Rebuilding Trust (in Self and/or in relationships)
Spiritual Discovery & Spiritual Crisis

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