A Day at the Mountain

callahan_refresh_yourself_250w-150x150Relax.  Restore.  Renew.  Re-YOU. 

Spend a day connecting with nature and your wisest self by coming out to our “Magic Mountain.”  We offer these one day retreats to everyone, but we’ve found the people who need a day away the most are WOMEN.

Stay at home moms.  Working-outside-the-home moms.  Working single women.  Working married women.  Professional jet-setting women.  Women who volunteer all the time.  Divorced women.  Retired women.

We offer these day retreats once a month; the schedule rotates.
Space is limited to (8) attendees and pre-registration is required.  You are welcome to bring a group with advance notice.  Call today for more information or to register!  (864) 918-2914

No matter what you spend your time doing most of the time, spending a day at the mountain gives you a chance to JUST BE.  Sometimes, we all need to stop DOING and practice BEING.  A Day at the Mountain

1/2 day retreats include:

  • a healthy meal (and lessons on easy healthy food prep, if desired)
  • walking or hiking
  • time with Mother Nature
  • yoga (bring your own mat or use one of ours)
  • 1/2-hour Migun heated thermal massage/acupressure
  • small group and/or one-on-one “tune up” coaching (based on numbers attending)
  • guided meditation
  • writing and/or reading time
  • laughter and play time (really!)

If you need more time away, you are always welcome to schedule a private retreat.  We accommodate private solo retreats or small groups if you’d like to plan a private retreat with a group of friends.

Contact us TODAY to register for your Day at the Mountain!
(864) 918-2914

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