360°Whole™ Complete Wellness

zencircle_250We believe that “health” includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. When you approach life with full clarity about what harmony and health mean to YOU in each of these aspects, you become WHOLE.  With our tested & proven 360°Whole™ program, you can discover exactly what “the best life” looks and feels like for you.  You are the master of your lifetime.  Let us help you connect with all the health & abundance you deserve!

No matter where you are in your wellness journey, we can help you stay inspired, motivated, and in alignment with your goals along the way. 

Our program includes work on everything listed below, and so much more.  We work in groups and using one-on-one coaching.  Our One-on-One 360°Whole™ programs are completely customized to meet you exactly where you are, and help you get to precisely where you see your best self emerging about a year from now.  Conscious change takes time and practice. We’re with you every step of the way!

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Rowing for joy healthPhysical
Define YOUR Health Baseline & Create Realistic Goals & Progress Markers
Create your own best diet & learn to ENJOY eating (no more shame, blame, or guilt)
Movement is LIFE!  Exercise through inspiration & self-expression (stop the drudgery & dread)
Sleep, Rest, Relaxation, & Recovery – elements of greatness within yourself
Nutrition basics
Learn to use your breath to improve your quality of life
Love what you see in the mirror!

Find your joyEmotional
Transform negative or painful experiences into integrated learning
Create FREEDOM by learning to process & release stuff like shame, blame, guilt, loathing, jealousy & anger
Stop deflecting and/or projecting & take responsibility for all your feels
Find YOUR joy
Compassion & Self-Compassion:  Love Yourself, Care for Others

Develop your inner observer
Focus & clear your mind
Boost your memory
Tame your “worst case scenario” thoughts & thinking patterns
Stop taking things personally
Unleash your inspired & enlightened mind

Compassion SpiritualitySpiritual
Deepen your connection to the sacred (self-defined)
Enhance your faith (self-defined)
Strengthen your ability to experience joy, gratitude, love, acceptance, kindness… all things good
Expand your spiritual beliefs into every day practices