Teenagers & Parents

Duck Family on Durham Cathedral cobblestonesDid you know that from age 11 – 24 years, the brain and nervous system are changing more & faster than at any other time during the human life cycle?  Did you know that your choices and communication style changes your brain – either for better or worse? (And this goes for ALL ages.)

Integrative Transformational Coaching helps families…

-deal with conflict without wanting to disown each other
-explain the conundrum of “why ON EARTH did you do THAT?”
-break long-term (inter-generational) patterns of dysfunction in communication, boundary setting, and attachment patterns
-learn to support and encourage each other without enabling harmful behavior
-understand the drama and keep it from driving everyone in the household nutty

We’ll introduce you to some brain science about why “the teenage years” are so hard and how you can stay connected, keep communication going, and help each other deal with the inevitable conflicts that happen during these years.  Knowledge is power!  Understanding why young people take sometimes HUGE risks can help calm your household and help everyone THRIVE during these challenging changes.

family4Teens:  Who are you?  What do you want?  How can you learn to create your best life?  Why do you so often feel SO FREAKIN’ BORED?

Parents:  How are you supporting your teens and young adults so that they become healthy, happy, autonomous and (inter)independent adults?  How can you create both a “safe haven” and a “launching pad” for your teen or young adult?   How can you chill out and help your kids, too?  How do you keep the lines of communication open, flexible, and positive?

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