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growingplantEmpowered Recovery from Grief and Loss:  Losing Someone Else and Finding Yourself

Join us January 18, 2015.

We began offering this course in 2011, and it’s consistently successful in helping participants recover from grief due to death of a loved one, divorce, and other huge losses that can leave us devastated.  Is it time to “rewrite your story” after losing someone through death or divorce? Do you find yourself going through the motions of life without really living? Whether it’s been six months or six years, you can still find yourself and your place.  If you feel stuck, then this four-hour intensive course is for you.  Learn how to re-connect with the world around you, use tools to help break patterns, how to process and move past negative emotions, and how to nurture and care for yourself, inside and out. This class is about discovering your best self and taking good care of you.

Many participants have had great success rebuilding themselves and their lives with this course as a catalyst.  We appreciate all of you who choose to courageously confront your grief and share your burden with others in order to grow and move forward into a positive future.

Here are some of the things you will learn & gain:
Understanding the Grieving Process | Beginning Yoga (with certified instructor) | Simple Meditation Techniques | Sadness, Anger, Forgiveness, and Letting Go  |  Healthy & Easy Recipes + Demonstrations | Easy Image Consulting for (Re)Discovering Your Style | Techniques to put the past in the past (and keep it there) | Tools to Create a Happy Future  |  Insight & Self-Compassion  |  Identifying Ongoing Support, Opportunities, & Resources

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$195 per person, all materials + food included

“This class was extremely beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has faced a loss in their lives.”

Losing Someone Else and Finding Yourself was, for me, a life saver.”

“After 3 years of counseling and feeling stuck, with your help, I finally figured out why I have felt the way I have.  Thank you for giving me my life back!”


out_of_your_shell_smCreating Peace: A Course in Conflict Resolution & Communication

Conflicts often arise in business or personal relationships that can arrest productivity or damage families and organizations for years. Sometimes conflict can be prevented, and other times it simply needs to be dealt with effectively in order to stop a chain reaction of negative events and responses. This class is designed to give participants practical knowledge, skills, and tools to support peaceful and effective communication.

Here are some of the things you will learn:
Appreciating Difference | Honoring Personality Types | Recognizing Strengths | Using Effective and Insightful Communication Tools | Understanding the Value of Conflict | Designing Empowered Actions | Learning Practical Neuroscience for Resolving Conflicts with Direct Communication | Creating Win-Win Solutions | Choosing Peace

Details: 6-hour/one day. The course is designed to be used in both personal and professional relationships and situations. Classes will be experiential and interactive. Participants can expect “homework” geared around practicing tools and techniques between classes.  2015 Dates:  TBD

Cost: $295 (all materials + healthy snacks included)
Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to (10) participants to maximize results.
Call now at (864) 918-2914 or register below.

Full Course Prepayment

Installment Payment
($100 to hold your place; $195 due on or before start date)

Who Should Be Interested?  Individuals who would like to improve their relationships through nonviolent communication, such as…

parents | managers | persons with difficulty handling strong emotions (in self or others)
people who feel marginalized or ignored | anyone interested in more effective communication

“Nonviolent relating, through awareness, education, prevention and intervention definitely much needed in today’s complex work, public. Thank you for this course!” – Greenville, SC

“The fast paced ever changing world -I am experiencing it being member of generation X; ‘Change is more the rule for the people of Generation X than the exception.’ This class helps.” – Greenville, SC

“Skills that I solidified in the course were: enabled me to nurture myself and maintain relationships that are truly mutually supportive, both of which can significantly reduce the level of stress in my life. This was positive experience for me.” – Greenville, SC

“I use what I learned here EVERY day, at home with my teenager and at work with my co-workers.  THANK YOU!” – Greenville, SC