Group Coaching

Monkey See, Do by DaynaIntegrative Transformational Coaching works well with small groups who have similar concerns.  The benefits of group coaching include:

~built-in peer support
~the power of nonjudgmental witnessing to help ease the burden of difficulty
~sharing stories with others helps with narrative integration (brain science at work) and long-term healing, growth, and change
~opportunity to practice new learning with reduced emotional pressure
~reducing feelings of isolation, shame, guilt, loneliness, and fear
~opens up dialogue
~helps shine light into the dark corners of our minds and hearts
~helps you KNOW deep down that you are NOT alone in your struggles or in your pain

We have group coaching available for grief & loss, health & wellness, improving communication, and for families.

If you already have a group, and are looking for help with facilitation and programming, we can help with that, too.

We offer a complimentary initial consultation & coaching session for first-time clients.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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“Our little group moved through anger, grief, pain, regret, sadness, and fear and came out laughing and smiling, strong and renewed.” – Anderson, SC

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“This class was extremely beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has faced a loss in their lives.”

Losing Someone Else and Finding Yourself was, for me, a life saver.”

“After 3 years of counseling and feeling stuck, with your help, I finally figured out why I have felt the way I have.  Thank you for giving me my life back!”

“Nonviolent relating, through awareness, education, prevention and intervention definitely much needed in today’s complex work, public. Thank you for this course!” – Greenville, SC

“The fast paced ever changing world -I am experiencing it being member of generation X; ‘Change is more the rule for the people of Generation X than the exception.’ This class helps.” – Greenville, SC

“Skills that I solidified in the course were: enabled me to nurture myself and maintain relationships that are truly mutually supportive, both of which can significantly reduce the level of stress in my life. This was positive experience for me.” – Greenville, SC

“I use what I learned here EVERY day, at home with my teenager and at work with my co-workers.  THANK YOU!” – Greenville, SC