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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIntegrative Transformational Life Coaching (ITC)
Certification Program Overview

Program length:  One year or ~6 months per course (including all academic and practical hours), direct mentoring and some one on one tutoring (in person or over web/phone).

Example:  October 1 Fall 2017 enrollment will complete their course in early November 2018, which includes long breaks at the holidays and a month long break in May 2018.

Program requirements:
-72 academic hours (36 contact hours per course)
-75 client coaching hours (documented in International Coach Federation format; minimal requirements for  accreditation)
-a minimum of (6) coaching sessions (course prerequisite) with an ITC coach
-Written test for each course
-Oral test for each course
-Completion of all recorded coaching sessions, which will be critiqued to ensure mastery of technique and learning while also giving constructive feedback. Recordings are counted as part of academic contact hours.

Program Main Goal:  To facilitate mastery of both practical integrative coaching skills as well as incorporating a deep understanding of evidence-based coaching theory and philosophy.  This program requires Masters level academic work and commitment outside of each class to both practicing techniques and tools, and to deepening knowledge of the areas of science and philosophy used for holistic coaching.  This is not a program for someone looking to do only short-term, behavioral-based work with clients.  It is a rigorous program that prepares students to help foster permanent change for both themselves and their clients, with the expectation that students will finish this program with a far deeper, and hopefully more compassionate, understanding of themselves, of others, and of how the nervous system handles change.  The program also prepares students to launch their own coaching practice upon completion, if they so desire.  Because it was designed with further certification in mind, ITC provides students with a basic understanding of what would be necessary to pursue any desired further certification levels vis-a-vis existing accreditation organizations such as ICF or CCE.

Program Secondary Goal:  Students establish a relationship with a mentor coach who can help them through launching a coaching practice, handling unforeseen issues that may come up with clients, and/or establishing ongoing coaching and assistance after completion of the certification.

Program Costs:  $3600 + materials (printing) and books.  Monthly payment plans are available.

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Class Descriptions 

zencircle_250ITC Foundations
This course covers the philosophical and scientific foundations for ITC, including some Eastern philosophy, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Quantum Physics.  It also covers communication, along with coaching communication models, the difference between coaching and counseling, and ethics, coaching standards & best practices (using International Coach Federation and Board Certified Coach credentialing standards).  Students will further learn a basic framework for the ongoing coaching process, along with assessments and techniques to begin the coaching process with any client of any age group.  The final elements of the class will include reinforcing positive learning and outcomes for clients.

Prerequisite:  a minimum of (6) coaching sessions and completion of at least 2 years of college level courses or equivalent life experience (as determined by instructor).

ITC Tools & Techniques:  Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Interpersonal Neurobiology

This course provides training with tools and techniques from 3 major scientific fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology and how they can be applied throughout the coaching process.   The course includes tools to help calm the nervous system, increase motivation and concentration, increase overall happiness and well-being, and provide support for complex problems faced by clients today.  *Topics such as grief/loss, major life transitions, parenting/family relationships, working with special populations (youth, some special needs such as ADD/ADHD & high functioning autism), dealing with stress, work-life imbalances, increasing relationship satisfaction, and career/work changes will all be addressed through this course.

Prerequisite: ITC Foundations

Completion of these two courses completes the certification program.

*Special areas of interest can be catered to at this time because our classes are so intimate.  As we grow, we reserve the right to change this aspect of the class and may have to create specialized topic-based courses to better serve our students.

We do offer additional support in the form of an Internship Program to help graduates plan and implement beginning their own business or working (solo or with others) to add coaching as an aspect of existing work.

Conscious Business Coaching & Development

This program provides some direct training for applying ITC to business development and coaching while students learn how to use their strengths to develop and market their own coaching practices.  The process includes practical training in marketing, search engine optimization, basic web development skills, and a primer in using old and new technologies, including social media, to develop a personal coaching brand.

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of ITC Foundations and ITC Tools & Techniques

This process also asks participants to complete a full business and marketing plan, including 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year business goals with strategies and actions defined for completion.