Spring Break Brain Camp 2018

Spring Break Brain Camp 2018“But, MOM, I’m soooo BORED!”  

How many times do you hear that line during Spring Break?

We know that boredom is *actually* good for young brains, but it’s not so fun for parents!  This spring break, we have a solution for you!  Bring your kids to Brain Camp 2018 and we’ll help stop the boredom – and the whining – withOUT a screen!

Spring Break Brain Camp!  For children ages 9-12

Thursday & Friday
April 5-6, 2018
Drop off begins at 8am
$65 per child
Location:  1801 Rutherford Rd.
Greenville, SC 29609
Limited to 20 children ONLY
Call or email today to register or find out more!
(864) 918-2914


Your Brain Grows Every DayMind + Body + FUN!

Healthy snack included!*

Brain Camp! includes brain-growing games, row off challenges (with Concept2 certified rowing instructor), art, music, hula hooping brain gym time, yoga-based tools, sensory integration games (exceptionally helpful for high-energy kids & kids with learning challenges of all sorts), visualization strategies for young minds, how to set goals & stay motivated, “name it to tame it” skills to help express what’s on the inside without hurting others, and more!

*Please let us know in advance of any known food allergies.