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Vicy Wilkinson, Life CoachVicy Wilkinson, MA, BCC

Vicy holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Philosophy from Oglethorpe University (Atlanta, GA) and University of Durham (England), respectively, with specialization in neuroscience, chemistry, and Eastern-Western philosophy of mind comparative studies.  As a professional coach and coaching instructor, Vicy works with individuals, groups, and families on a variety of needs and she’s also a master teacher who developed a complete coaching curriculum based in philosophy of mind and neuroscience.  Vicy is also a Concept2/UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor.  In addition to being a rower (indoor and sculling, mainly doubles), she’s a yogini, wild water swimming enthusiast, Reiki master (Levels I & II), hula hooper (making, hooping, teaching), writer, speaker, teacher, and organic gardener (herbs and edibles).  We call her “the wizard.”

Board Certified Coach

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Patty McGadyPatty McGady, CITLC has a passion for people. She learned, however, that while she could often fix things, she could not “fix” people. She writes about it here, in an essay in the book Writing and Healing: Toward an Informed Practice. That hasn’t stopped this published construction connoisseur from pursuing her passion for helping others. From studying writing at UALR (in Little Rock, AR) to finishing a certification in coaching with Complete Life Coaching, she is still keeping people her passion. She may be spotted in Phoenix, AZ educating children, was seen kicking cancer’s ass, overcoming countless loss, and is often sighted helping people with abuse, grief, hospice, and anywhere strength, yet tenderness is needed.  Little loved ones call her Meme. We call her  “phoenix.”

Lisa Life Coach

Lisa Mays, CITLC has a love of learning and of sharing knowledge with others that shines with unbridled enthusiasm.  Mother of 4, grandmother of 1, and teacher of all, Lisa became a certified transformational life coach after discovering a whole new world (inside and out) through her own personal coaching journey and on-going change process.  She specializes in grief & end of life work, women’s empowerment, children’s advocacy and education, box checking, proverbially herding cats, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate her attention to detail.  We call her “on It.”

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We empower individuals, couples, families, and groups to choose changes that support authentic, meaningful, and thrive-oriented living.   We support our clients through deep transformation, visioning choices and possibilities, and setting, then implementing, solid goals and actions towards creating the future they want to live.  The bottom line:  We help people reach their full potential using tools and techniques from positive psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology.  Change your thinking, change your feelings, change your life.

Business Philosophy
We believe individuals have the power to change themselves and to influence the collective.  Our individual good is either supported or undermined by our habits and culture and the habits and culture of the collective around us.  Therefore, it is up to each individual to create powerful personal changes for him or herself, for the good of self and all.

CLC is a successful collaborative coaching practice that works with individuals, families, couples, and groups to increase wellness, happiness, and meaning in life.  We facilitate powerful change & enlightened growth through creating long-term coaching partnerships.