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“I think about if I hadn’t met you and I would still be miserable and stuck… Seneca and I’m not sure I ever would have gotten out. In the future I will not hesitate even for a minute to get with you if I have another huge problem that has me stuck!!” – Atlanta, GA

“You have helped me so much – I know you can do the same for others and I’m all for that – I wish someone had told me about you years earlier!!” – New York, NY

“I highly, highly recommend it to anyone suffering from a loss, or like myself, two.” – Anderson, SC

“I got more insight than I ever expected I would.” – Greenville, SC

“This course delivered on everything promised and more.” – Greenville, SC

“Emotionally, I am doing well. More than well- I am feeling so much better than I have in so very long.” – Norway

“I certainly have appreciated your help & support over the past year through all of my international work & life transitions.” – Shanghai, China / Bar Harbor, ME