One Big Thing: Make it Happen!

Set a Goal, and GO!

Dreaming of Europe?

Here we are on the “downhill” side of 2015… The holidays will be here before we know it! The question is, what is ONE BIG GOAL you want to complete for yourself before this year ends?

You can join us in person in Greenville, SC, for our August 12, 2015, Meetup and learn a simple process of laser-focus towards moving a desired outcome from idea to making-it-happen. We’ll talk about the vision process, setting a specific approach goal, and then working towards it with concrete actions and pure intent, along with the golden brain-priming secret of illustrating your vision.

Why wait til next week, though, when you can start today?  Here are two things you can do NOW:

#1 Start writing down your ideas so that you can get crystal clear on what THE most important thing is to YOU for manifesting by the end of this calendar year.

#2 Start a Pinterest board full of images that illustrate the 3 most important things to you right now.

You can link to our Meetup site and RSVP on line.  This event is FREE!  Make plans to come join us at our host location next Wednesday evening at 6:15pm:
Migun of Greenville 
25 Woods Lake Rd., Suite 304
Greenville, SC  29607